schedule Daily from 9:00 to 21:00

location_on Moscow, Semenovskiy pereulok, 11 (m. Semenovskaya)

About the Moscow Eye Clinic

Our clinic is a highly specialized medical institution with the highly qualified specialists providing comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and care for patients with eye diseases using advanced diagnostic and surgical equipment.

The “Moscow Eye Clinic” has been working for over 4 years and it is constantly expanding and developing new areas of work.

Our concept

People passionate about ophthalmology are responsible for the creation of our Clinic. That is why the main aim of our work is available, convenient and professional help to people with eye diseases. The patients are well aware of the fact that today ophthalmological services fall into one or another extreme. The first one is professional eye care specialists but huge queues in the clinic. Another is immaculate service but very low professional qualification of the staff.

In our Clinic we do our best to balance a high level of state assistance, maximal possible convenience and minimal time costs.

How do we manage to reach this balance? The first priority in our Clinic is our medical staff. The primary diagnostics is performed by the doctors with a good base training, applicants of the degree of Doctor of Medical Science and Doctors of Medical Science. Our surgeons are well-known specialists with gifted hands for their surgical skills. Complex cases are discussed in cooperation with professors from the best ophthalmology institutes in Moscow.

Our second priority is convenience in getting medical help. We tend to reduce to the minimum the visits to the doctors and outpatient surgeries. Of course, all this is possible only due to the first priority.

We are ready to perform early diagnostics and a comprehensive primary inspection of the patients with any ophthalmic pathology, perform an operation with adequate post-operative care especially in cases with cataract, glaucoma and refractive anomalies. In our clinic we offer a long-term follow up of the patients with chronic pathologies.

Our doctors

In the “Moscow Eye Clinic” we have professionals from many spheres of ophthalmology: diagnosticians, specialists in cataract and glaucoma treatment, refractive and vitreoretinal surgeons. We pay a special attention to pediatric ophthalmology. Eye care specialists in the “Moscow Eye Clinic” have good knowledge and all the necessary equipment at their disposal to provide assistance to our little patients.

More about our specialists


In our Clinic we have all the necessary equipment for a comprehensive primary ophthalmic examination and extra equipment for preparing patients for cataract phacoemulsification and excimer laser vision correction. We also have devices for vision correction in children.

  • Standard kit for a primary diagnostics
  • Equipment for extra examination
  • Surgery block equipment
  • Devices for vision correction in children

All our equipment is brand new. We are especially proud of our surgery block which is equipped with the best devices and instruments.

The equipment of this class excludes technical errors both in diagnostics and surgery. Due to this, our surgeons provide the best possible results, and the diagnosticians make accurate diagnosis.

Our departments

The Clinic includes the following departments in its structure having their own specialized functions.

In the “Moscow Eye Clinic” we have our own in-patient facility for a comfortable stay for our patients and if necessary their relatives on the period starting from 12 hours.

The Moscow Eye Clinic in Semenovskiy Lane 11