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Strabismus Treatment

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КосоглазиеStrabismus is misalignment of the eyes when the visual axis of one or both eyes deviates upward or downward. Under normal conditions our eyes are moving symmetrical in the same direction. Due to it, the images that we see with our eyes are combined into one stereoscopic image in our brain cortex. This phenomenon is known as stereoscopic or binocular vision.

Strabismus is the eye movement disorder when the person loses his ability to perceive the world in three dimensions. To compensate these disorders the brain begins to “ignore” the images coming from the squinting eye and consequently this eye is excluded from the visual process (then occurs amblyopia or “lazy eye”).

Causes of strabismus

Strabismus is a result of many congenital or acquired pathologies. The main causes of strabismus are refractive anomalies (medium or high degree myopia or hyperopia), traumas, central and peripheral neural system disorders, paresis and oculomotor paralysis.


Strabismus is diagnosed through a regular eye examination. However to choose an optimal treatment a comprehensive eye examination is required.

Strabismus Treatment

strabismus treatment in Moscow

The sooner the treatment begins the better will be the results. The patient will see even worse with the eye excluded from the visual process with time. It is highly recommended not to delay the treatment.

Depending on the type of strabismus, patient’s age, health condition and other aspects, the patient may be recommended medical treatment (instrumental therapy), spectacle correction (choosing the right contact lenses), surgical treatment or combination of therapies.

In our clinic we use a great range of devices for an instrumental therapy: “Sinoptofor”, ophthalmic muscle training and relaxer device “Vizotronic”, devices “Spekl-M”, “Raduga”, “Mozaika”, “Monobioscop MBS-02”. Our specialists treat each case individually and indicate the most optimal and efficient therapy.

Benefits of treating strabismus with the Moscow Eye Clinic

The Moscow Eye Clinic has all the necessary equipment for an accurate strabismus diagnostics and treatment. The patients in our clinic undergo a thorough eye examination with the use of the use of the most advanced equipment. All the eye examinations are painless for the patients. When an accurate diagnosis is obtained, our specialists will gladly answer all your questions and recommend the most efficient methods of treatment.

To perform strabismus therapy in our clinic there is the complex of advanced devices and techniques, and that allows obtaining the best possible result with 100% guaranty.

Srabismus surgery Russia

A Doctor of Medical Science, professor, eye care specialist Tchernysheva Svetlana Gavrilovna is a doctor who provides an expert strabismus treatment. She is a chief consultant in the area of strabismus, and diplopia diagnostics and treatment as well as complex eye correction in children and adults. Her extensive practical experience (27 years of strabismus treatment at the Moscow Helmholtz Research Institute of Eye Diseases) provides a guaranteed positive result!

In case the patient is recommended a surgical strabismus treatment, the operation is performed without hospitalization (same-day surgery). At the same day after the operation the patient may come back home. In some cases, we offer a short-term hospital stay (1-2 days). During the whole period of rehabilitation our doctors will observe the patient and, if necessary, change the indications with regard to individual requirements of every patient.

Video review

Видео Strabismus Treatment

The patient after strabismus surgery.

Translation from Russian: "I have had strabismus surgical treatment in "The Moscow Eye Clinic". In childhood couldn't make it, but now it has become possible. I was choosing the clinic a long time. Happy with the result."

Our Prices

The cost of treatment depends on the chosen method of treatment (instrumental or surgical), the number of recommended procedures etc. Comprehensive examination of patients with strabismus in our clinic is 4, 000 rubles. You can find the prices for all diagnostic tests, instrumental procedures and operations here.

If you have any question, you may ask our specialists with the help of a follow-up form on our web-site or call us in Moscow at +7(495)505-70-10 and +7(495)505-70-15 (daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.) or sent e-mail on address: .