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Yulia Valerevna Yakovlevna

Yulia Valerevna Yakovlevna Clinic: Moscow
Work experience: 8 years
Ophthalmologist surgeon. Areas of interest in ophthalmology: corneal refractive surgery, surgical treatment of glaucoma, pterygium, chalazion, eyelids and conjunctiva tumors in adults. Post-operative patients’observation. Complex diagnostics and conservative treatment of adults with various eye patalogies.


  • «Excimer laser surgery of the cornea» methods «LASIK», «Super LASIK», PRK;
  • Refresher course «Phacoemulsification cataract».
The member of the Russian glaucoma society. The participant of the annual conferences, symposia and seminars (Fedorovskaya reading, Current problems in ophthalmology, Russian ophthalmologist school and others.). Constantly improving the theoretical knowledge and practical skills in specialized areas of ophthalmology exist.


Ophthalmologist surgeon. Areas of interest in ophthalmology:
  • diseases of the anterior and posterior segment of an eye.
  • corneal refractive surgery with myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism.
  • surgical treatment of glaucoma, chalazion, tumors of the eyelids and conjunctiva, pterygium in adults, using of drugs in subtenon area.
  • postoperative patients’s observation, a comprehensive examination of adults with various eye disorders, conservative treatment.
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