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Pediatric Ophthalmology

Pediatric Ophthalmology

The Moscow Eye Clinic has a new specialized pediatric department. We apply here only the newest and highly-efficient methods of treatment based on the latest developments of scientific and research centers in Russia as well as our own unique techniques (therapeutic and surgical) with regard to the specific character of pathology development in children.

We work with such widespread diseases as congenital and progressive myopia, various types of nystagmus and strabismus, hyperopia, astigmatism, amblyopia, ocular fundus and optic nerve pathologies, cataract and others.

For our pediatric ophthalmology department, in the Moscow Eye Clinic we have developed and introduced a unique effective complex therapy system. Conservative and surgical methods are combined into one complex where each technique is aimed at a specific aspect responsible for disease progression.

A wide range of conservative treatment methods and specific surgical treatment of oculomotor muscles give an opportunity to fully rehabilitate the majority of patients with strabismus; the patients with nystagmus notice decrease in pathology amplitude and increase in visual acuity.

The Moscow Eye Clinic offers a complex of advanced instrumental techniques which provide the best possible results with 100% guaranty. Instrumental therapy proved its high efficiency in treating many eye disorders that are often found in children: amblyopia (“lazy eye”), progressive myopia, strabismus, accommodative spasm, and optic nerve and retina pathologies. Instrumental therapy is more effective for children and provides better results than for adults. However we do not exclude the possibility of using this method for adult patients treatment.

If a little patient needs a surgical treatment, we usually perform the same-day surgery. After the operation a child may return home. Occasionally, a stay in our own in-patient facility may be required. During the whole period of rehabilitation our doctors will observe the patient and, if necessary, change the indications with regard to individual requirements of every patient.

In the Moscow Eye Clinic we have a team of highly proficient pediatric eye care specialists. They all strive to constantly improve their knowledge and have great practical skills in the area of pediatric ophthalmology. We should note personal qualities of our doctors such as love for children and profound knowledge of child psychology.

Eye care specialists in pediatric department are Tchernysheva Svetlana Gavrilovna, Veklitch Yaroslava Olegovna and Kokoeva Nina Shotaevna. Tchernysheva Svetlana Gavrilovna is a Doctor of Medical Science, professor and ophthalmologist with an extensive practical experience; she is aware of all the most effective methods of treating strabismus in children. Pediatric eye care specialist Veklitch Yaroslava Olegovna receives little patients with various eye pathologies; she also works as a consultant at the consultative and policlinic department at the Moscow Helmholtz Research Institute of Eye Diseases. Kokoeva Nina Shotaevna has a 10 years practice of work with children who have eye pathologies.

Ophthalmology for kids in Moscow

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