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Laser Eye Surgery

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Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK)Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK) is one of the most efficient and available methods which allows treat refraction disorders (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism). It’s been successfully applied throughout the world for over thirty years.

Long-term observations prove that the method poses minimal risk for the patients. Millions of people got rid of eye-glasses and contact lenses, changed their appearance and the whole life. They became more self-confident and got an opportunity to lead an active life without any obstacles.

With the use of advanced highly-technological equipment we treat myopia (under 15,0D), hyperopia (+6,0D) and astigmatism (±3,0D) quickly, safely and painlessly.

Laser Eye Surgery Benefits

1. Guaranteed result.

Laser eye surgery currently is the only method recognized by ophthalmologists which can restore vision up to 100% (in case there’s no associated pathology). Due to the use of the advanced equipment it’s possible to predict beforehand what will be the vision level after the operation considering the individual condition of each patient. The method also guarantees high precision of a surgical procedure.

2. Painlessness and quickness.

The procedure is painless, safe and takes only 15-20 minutes, but the time of laser action is just 30-40 seconds. Laser eye surgery is performed with a local anesthetic (drops). It helps to avoid negative impact on health related to anesthesia.

3.The shortest possible recovery period.

LASIK eye surgery provides an opportunity for a quick restoration of vision: within the first hours after the operation a patient feels obvious increase in visual acuity; and in the evening a patient may read or watch TV. Hospitalization is not required.

Who is a good candidate for LASIK?

According to the specialists, the optimal age for Lasik eye surgery is 18 – 45 years old.

All the candidates for the surgery may be broadly classified into two groups:

The first group is patients with bad eyesight who want to improve vision 100%, get rid of eye glasses or contact lenses forever. Among the patients in this group are people with medical condition. For example, in case with significant refractive difference, when choosing eye glasses or contact lenses for them is very problematic.

The second group are the patients who have conditions related to their professional activity and when wearing glasses or contact lenses is not desirable or even unacceptable (divers, sportsmen, actors, fire-fighters or military men).

How is Lasik performed?

Laser Eye Correction in Moscow RussiaAll the patients who wish to get a positive result from the surgery are checked in at the eye specialist office. The doctor assesses the possibility of performing the laser eye surgery and identifies any contradictions (thin cornea, inflammatory conditions, glaucoma, cataract etc.).

The doctor will numb the cornea with eye drops (there’s no need in injections or in general anesthesia). A lid speculum is then placed in the eye to keep it open during the procedure.

The procedure itself takes around 10-15 minutes: a corneal flap is created, then the corneal surface is treated with the laser (this stage lasts no longer than 30-40 seconds), and then the flap is placed back into its original position. No stitches are necessary – the flap will join with the surrounding tissue on its own due to the collagen in the cornea. After the procedure the patient is given a medical kit (eye drops preventing inflammation and eliminating short-term postoperative discomfort).

After the procedure the patient is given a medical kit (eye drops preventing inflammation and eliminating short-term postoperative discomfort).

For more detailed information about different methods of laser eye surgery, please, refer to the following section on our web-site:

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  5. PRK (photorefractive keratectomy)

Our Prices

In the Moscow Eye Clinic we provide a qualitative and quick complex eye examination with the use of the cutting edge equipment. Our eye care specialists will study the examination results and recommend you the most suitable methods of eye surgery.

The price is defined in each individual situation and depends on the method and on the eyesight level. The cost of the complex eye examination before the refractive surgery including all the necessary special examinations and tests is 5,500 rubles.

The cost of laser eye surgeries starts with 26,000 rubles. Please, don’t forget that you can partly return the money you spent on the operation under the system of tax deduction. We are ready to provide all the necessary documents. You can read about the tax deduction in more detail here. You will find the full price list for diagnostics and laser eye surgery in our section PRICES.

Why the patients choose "Moscow Eye Clinic"?

LASIK prices in Moscow RussiaКонечный результат операции лазерной коррекции зрения зависит от нескольких факторов, среди которых следует назвать тщательность предоперационного обследования, техническую оснащенность клиники, уровень профессиональной подготовки специалистов, ведение послеоперационного периода. Московская Глазная Клиника обеспечивает наилучший результат по каждому из озвученных пунктов.

The final result from the laser eye surgery depends on several factors among which are thorough preoperative examination, technological infrastructure in the clinic, professionalism of the medical specialists, and postoperative care. The Moscow Eye Clinic provides the best results in each of these aspects.

Laser eye surgeries are performed with the use of the next generation excimer laser Allergretto Wave Eye-Q and femtosecond laser Wavelight FS200 Femtosecond. This equipment is a guaranty of a successful result from the operation and a minimal risk of potential negative consequences.

Any equipment even the most advanced can’t operate without a highly-qualified specialist. In the Moscow Eye Clinic we have eye specialists of the highest professional level who have perfectly performed thousands of successful operations. Specialists in the sphere of laser eye surgery with many years’ experience is Sheudzhen Murat Baizetivitch, MD. The operations in our clinic are also performed by the refractive surgeons from the leading Centers of Ophthalmology in Russia.

Experienced refractive surgeons, thorough diagnostics and examination as well as a great professional experience provide the best possible results for the patient.


Video review of our patient Ruslan Azimbaev after LASIK

Видео Laser Eye Surgery

Translation from Russian: "Honestly, there are too many clinics in Moscow. However, my friend underwent an operation in this clinic a year and a half ago. Since then he was always repeating: “Ruslan, stop wearing the glasses, undergo a vision correction. In a couple of days you’ll recover and everything will be fine”. I had been watching him for a year and a half after the operation and he was fine. I made up my mind to visit the Moscow Eye Clinic.
Surely, I searched the Internet for alternatives but many people spoke good about this very clinic. The appointment was arranged immediately and I came the next day. The examination was performed very quickly, in half an hour. I was said that I had no complications and was recommended an operation. The operation was performed in three days. On the day of the operation there were two more people, they were a bit older. The operation lasted 20 minutes for each person and we waited for 15 minutes. I was watching video in the Internet, listening to the stories of other patients and reading feedbacks. I was a bit afraid but in fact I was waiting longer the operation lasted. It was absolutely painless and quick, and my doctor even told me: “Ruslan, don’t get asleep. I can see that you are bored here”.
After everything was finished I was sitting for half an hour with my eyes closed and that’s it! The next day I didn’t wear my eyeglasses. At first it was hard for me, because my brain couldn’t understand how it could be so: yesterday I didn’t see almost anything and today everything around me is bright and clear. The next day after the operation I had a follow-up and the doctor said that everything is good. I visited the clinic again in a week and in a month after the operation.
Today I also came here for examination. My general impression is good. The price is reasonable; everything was done quickly and accurately. I had no problems, no complications. The day of the operation is my second Birthday. Try and don’t be afraid and everything will be better in your life."

If you have any question, you may ask our specialists with the help of a follow-up form on our web-site or call us in Moscow at +7(495)505-70-10 and +7(495)505-70-15 (daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.) or sent e-mail on address:

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