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Clinical research and trials in our clinic

Today Russia is recognized as one of the most attractive regions to perform medical testings and clinical trials. The reason is that there are a lot of advantages for conducting large-scale studies in Russia:

  • The population of our country is 141.8 million, which gives almost unlimited possibilities of selecting participants in clinical trials, including previously untreated.
  • Centralized healthcare system with developed network of leading medical institutions, private practice. There is no need to create new centers for recruitment of appropriate patients.
  • There is a wide selection of top class research centers.
  • Formalized principles of ICH-GCP by legislation of Russia.
  • High rate of ingoing volunteers at low proportion of outgoing: the speed of patients gathering is almost 10 times higher in comparison with the USA and European Union.
  • Cost savings: the average cost per patient is lower than 28% than in the countries of Western Europe and lower than 47% in comparison with the UK.
  • The possibility to reduce expenses of clinical research by involving local laboratories and CROs.

Clinical research (GCP) in Russia (Ophthalmology)

High qualification level of Russian specialists and researchers. All candidates have graduated from medical institutions, many of them are fluent in English, German, French; they regularly participate in international congresses and conferences, are members of the American and European professional societies, are familiar with GCP. More than half of clinical researchers who have a degree of candidates of Science and nearly 40% of them teach at leading medical universities.

In recent years, more and more large international pharmaceutical companies carry out large-scale studies of the late phases in Russia and its capital - Moscow. This provides a rapid and unprecedented set of participants and the high quality of the research. Moscow is geographically closer to Europe (less than three hours, when departing from Frankfurt) than other research places - China and India. In addition, there are experienced, stable regulators and recognized in the FDA experience in clinical research.

Moscow Eye clinic is selected as one of the medical institutions that will participate in the international programs of clinical research and testing. We conduct studies of drugs in ophthalmology as well as other fields of medicine. For this purpose there is all necessary equipment and certified professionals.

In recent years, Moscow has rapidly developed, becoming one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, open to international companies.

Here is an excellent health infrastructure with world-class professionals. In the capital function 87 hospitals, a number of specialized clinics and research institutions, offering people necessary assistance from almost all areas of medicine, including mental, oncological and infectious diseases. In recent years, many health institutions have been renovated and equipped with the most modern medical devices, relevant international standards, or exceeding them.

For Moscow Eye Clinic having been allowed to perform studies in the early stages of clinical trials in Russia is a great honor and a reason for special pride. After all, becoming the pioneers of this promising direction, we will be able to enrich our own knowledge experience, but more importantly, to dicover a lot of opportunities for our patients.

Why us

Our Clinic is one of the best medical centers in Russia with equipment of leading world manufacturers. We have specialists, known all around the world for their professionalism and high skills. As for today, we help people from Russia, Europe, Asia and even Australia. In Moscow Eye Clinic we have gathered best investigators to organize such a responsible direction as Clinical research.

We care about our patients and we hope that with your help the most effective ways to fight many diseases will be found.

To learn more, you can contact us by phone or email as indicated on our website.