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Eye examination

Eye examinationWithout a doubt, to maintain the health of our eyes we should undergo regular eye tests. Detection of occult disease, diagnostics of eye pathologies, optimal methods of eyesight correction, therapeutic or surgical treatment require a thorough eye examination. The world practical experience shows that a thorough diagnostics may reduce the risk of surgical complications to one decimal.

To our regret, not everyone follow the recommendations of eye care specialists. There are many causes for decline in the eyesight. However in all the cases untimely pathology detection causes serious consequences and the worst of it is full loss of vision.

For these reasons, each patient in the Moscow Eye Clinic is recommended to undergo an eye examination. The results of the examination will reveal all the specific things about the patient’s vision and what has caused its decline. We should not forget that the result of the further treatment depends on the results of the examination. Besides, examination may also detect some other general disorders: hypertension, diabetes, tuberculosis, atherosclerosis, rheumatism, cervical osteochondrosis, thyroid disorders etc.

The stages of comprehensive eye examination

  • Visual acuity detection;
  • Refractive disorders detection (ability of the visual organ optical system to refract light rays);
  • Intraocular pressure measurement;
  • Ultrasound investigation of eye internal structure (including opaque media);
  • Internal pathology detection;
  • Examination of the cornea form and refracting power;
  • Visual field test;
  • Retina and optic nerve examination.

A thorough diagnostic examination is not possible without a good equipment.

The Moscow Eye Clinic has the newest computer-assisted diagnostic equipment and it is able to detect the slightest abnormalities and to detect pathologies on early stages. It guarantees the accurate diagnosis and the full picture of the patient’s eyesight as well as prognosis of potential disorders.

Almost all procedures are contactless to avoid inflammations and reduce the time for examination.

Our guarantees

highly-precise and thorough complex eye diagnostics and ocular fundus examination will be performed in 1-2 hours without exhausting queues;

the patient will be given a complete report about his eye health with detailed treatment and prevention guidelines;

if necessary, each patient may consult eye care specialist with academic credentials;

the clinic has cutting-edge and absolutely safe equipment due to which we are able to provide our patients with the most accurate results in the shortest possible period;

our philosophy is: “attention and individual approach to every patient!

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