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Method of LASIK

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Method of LASIKLASIK (an acronym for Laser-Assisted in Situ Karetomileusis) - the safest method of laser vision correction, which combines the advantages of excimer laser technology and modern microsurgery. The operation is carried out since 1989, it is used by the leading ophthalmic centers in 45 countries. Over the last 10 years, thanks to LASIK procedure more than 15 million patients around the world abandoned glasses and contact lenses and regained perfect vision.

During the operation LASIK a special instrument - microkeratome is used, which for a few seconds painlessly and accurately creates a corneal flap with a strictly specified parameters. The excimer laser does not affect the surface and inner layers of the cornea, during the operation a beam affects only the middle layer – stroma, changing its shape. Due to the change in the refractive power of the cornea it is possible to achieve accurate focus of images on the retina and restore normal visual acuity. In contrast to the previously used methods of laser correction, such an effect is the most restrictive (the laser penetrates into the depth of no more than 1/8 of the thickness of the cornea), allows to preserve the corneal tissue and avoid complications (such as opacity of the cornea).

The benefits of laser vision correction with the method of LASIK

The benefits of laser vision correction with the method of LASIK•    The main advantages of the operation is the high security, the shorter recovery period and a wide range of treatments for people with different types of pathology of refraction.
•    The operation is performed on an outpatient basis at the same time on both eyes, hospitalization is not required. The very next day after the operation the patient can return to the usual mode of life.
•    After the surgery scars, incisions, turbidity are formed on the corneal surface.
•    The results of operations are stable, vision does not deteriorate further. 

Stages of laser correction

•    Before proceeding to any manipulation, the patient is instilled the drop painkillers. There isn’t the need to use painkillers or anesthesia. Drip anesthesia is enough for during the operation the patient does not feel anything.• • Having a complete anesthesia (anesthesia) of the cornea, the lid speculum is sat, which keeps an eye during an operation in the open position and prevents involuntary blinking.
•    To fix the central position of an eye, a patient should necessaryly look at the bright spot on the device during an operation.
•    Using a microkeratome the surface flap of corneal tissue is formed, which is then is folded and provides an access to the laser rays deeply lying of the layers of the cornea. We use high-precision fully automatic microkeratome Evolution of the latest generation, allowing to form a corneal flap with the thickness of 130-150 microns, with a perfect edge.
•    The excimer laser beam vaporizes from the surface of the cornea the layer which is not thicker than a few tens of microns, forming a new surface with predetermined parameters. The duration of this phase is only 30-40 seconds. We use the most advanced excimer laser system AllegrettoWaveEye-Q company WaveLight, which is nowadays the fastest and securest system available for performing excimer laser vision correction in its class.
•    After laser treatment the corneal flap is laid on its place and washed with a special solution. The sutures after the surgery aren’t imposed, since the flap is held on its place by the natural collagen of the cornea.
•    When the operation is done the antiseptic eye drops are dripped in to prevent the inflammation of the cornea in the postoperative period.
Further, all the steps of operation are performed on the second eye.

Video of LASIK

<h2">The postoperative period

Good vision is possible after only 1-2 hours after the operation, but the fluctuation of visual acuity may exist for some time, which eventually disappear (in 5 days after the surgery). To avoid discomfort, the patient is dripped in special drops. The eyes should be protected and untouched with the hands, so as not to move the healing corneal flap.

The Complications of LASIK operation

Complications almost never occur, this is due to the thorough preoperative examination, the professionalism of operating doctors and using the most modern equipment, eliminating mistakes and postoperative risks. Among the rare complications here can be mentioned:

•    subconjunctival hemorrhage (passes on its own within 1-2 weeks);
•    keratitis (inflammation of the cornea, preventing the use of modern antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drops in the postoperative period);
•    keratoconus (thinning and bulging of the cornea, is excluded by the careful preoperative examination, since if there is a possibility of its development, the operation is not recommended).

Thousands of laser vision corrections were held at the ophthalmologic center "Moscow Eye Clinic". The latest equipment, an extensive experience and the continuous improvement techniques have minimized the risk of side effects.

The Contraindications to perform LASIK operations

Contraindications to perform LASIKContraindications to the procedure of laser vision correction with the method of LASIK are: thin cornea, sluggish current inflammation of an eye and in the body as a whole, and corneal degenerative changes in the fundus, glaucoma, cataract, endocrine and oncological diseases, including diabetes, etc. Operation is contraindicated with pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Also, if the patient has acute inflammatory reactions - SARS, Flu, etc the laser correction can be denied. In this case, the operation is transferred till the patient's recovery.

Prices for LASIK

At our clinic, we adhere to democratic pricing policy for the laser vision correction with the method of LASIK. The cost of the operation consists of a thorough preoperative examination (5 500) and the procedure itself (from 52 000 rubles. for both eyes, or 26 000 rubles. per eye, if needed).

The control, appointment by an ophthalmologist and all subsequent examinations are included in the price. Also at our clinic a patient receives a set of drops that must be used for some time after LASIK.

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