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PRK (Photorefracive Keratectomy)

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PRK (photorefractive keratectomy)

Photorefractive keratectomy is the first method for the vision correction by the excimer laser. For the first time such correction was performed in 1985 in Berlin and was represented by an excimer laser exposure (non-contact) on the surface layers of the cornea, without affecting its internal structure.

Like the technique of radial keratotomy, the cornea was exposed, thought the application of notches is not required. The shape of the cornea hull was changed under the influence of the laser that vaporized the tissue from the surface. The highest precision allows to achieve a good predictability of the result, significantly reduced the side effects. However, the patient still felt unpleasantly during the reduction of the surface layer (up to 4 days), the complete adaptation, thus ended after 3-4 weeks. The laser vision correction with this method was not immediately performed on both eyes.
To exclude such moments, PRK correction has been modified. Today, after the laser exposure the special protective lens is used, which makes it possible to shorten the recovery period. In addition, the advanced technology allows to conduct the vision correction of both eyes simultaneously. This method is used only for medical prescribtions where the correction of other ways is impossible.

Indications of photorefractive keratectomy

PRK laser correction is applied:

1. If myopia from -1.0 to -6.0D.
2. If astigmatism -0.5 to -3.0D.
3. If hyperopia to + 3.0D.

Stages of the operation

Anesthetic drops are instilled into the patient’s eye (general anesthesia and injections are not applied).

  • After anesthesia, the lid speculum is inserted, which prevents blinking.
  • The patient is asked to focus eyes on the glowing point in the instrument to center eye. In case of special need an eye may be fixed with the vacuum ring.
  • The plot of the eye, which falls under the influence of laser radiation, is released from the epithelium.
  • The emission of an excimer laser models a new corneal surface. The operation is under the ophthalmosurgeon’s thorough supervision.
  • After correcting the cornea is washed with a special solution. The anti-inflammatory eye drops are dripped in the patient’s eye and a special adhesive bandage is imposed that protects it from the external influences.

The video of surgery of laser correction with the method of PRK

Видео PRK (Photorefracive Keratectomy)

Laser correction procedure with the method of PRK is performed on an outpatient basis and after it the patient may go home immediately. Laser vision correction changes only the outer layers of the cornea without deep interference. The laser operates in the scanning mode, "smoothing" and "modeling" the corneal surface, which provides an accurate forecast results. However, during the laser irradiation the surface layer of the cornea, including the epithelium and Bowman's membrane is damaged, therefore eliminating the visual discomfort the special protective lenses are applied.

The cost of PRK

The cost of PRKThe cost of the operation with PRK at "Moscow Eye Clinic" is 25 000 rubles (per eye). Individualized PRK (after previously conducted operations) costs 30 000 rubles (per eye).

The prices for all types of laser vision correction, carried out at the "MEC" can be found in the section "Prices".

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